Tymn is a designer & writer passionate about visual storytelling. In his work he aims to connect simple design with clear, thought-provoking ideas.

He was previously the creative director for Black ops—an internal brand team at Dropbox.

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On a stool somewhere, in the 90s
30 Linear Drawings

Art, Drawing, Book
As a creative exercise, I committed to drawing every day for 30 days. My only rule was to draw in an iterative way. In other words, I would look at what I’d drawn the day before, and imagine what could come next. By doing this, a type of story unfolded day by day—only, I had no idea where it would go. As each new idea stemmed from the previous one, the process became one more of discovery than design. In some ways, it felt like each drawing designed themselves.

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DBX Owens Handbook

Design, Work, Book
At the end of 2017 we began a journey with architects Johnston Marklee︎︎ to design our new HQ, (1800 Owens). We viewed this project as an opportunity to live out our company mission—to design a more enlightened way of working. So we asked ourselves, “what could a more enlightened place of work be?” 2 years later, we arrived at that answer.

For the opening of Owens I designed a handbook that both documented that journey of design, and served as a guide for utilizing the new amenities within the office.

Owens map designed by Leon Wood︎︎

Top Shelf

Design, Culture, Installation
Sharing books is a great way to spread new ideas throughout your organization as people are more likely to take interest in books recommended by their peers.

Last year while in London I encountered an odd book display located inside of a clothing store. Each book faced forward with hand-written cards displayed below them—book reviews from their previous owners. A store clerk described it to me as their community book swap. She said that anyone could exchange one book for another. I loved this idea. And by including the review cards, it encouraged people to share not just any book, but books they loved. I wondered what effect an installation like this would have at a company.

Later, I repurposed this idea and designed Top Shelf to commemorate the opening of Dropbox’s new HQ. 

Note: I designed tiny stickers as a fun homage to the iconic Penguin Books logo— swapping the penguin with a panda. Pandas having meaningful cultural significance at Dropbox.

The Creation of AI — Tshirt

Art, Illustration, Collage
I designed this limited edition tshirt, in collaboration with Everpress. 

‘I am still learning.’

The artist Michaelangelo wrote these words on a sketch he made at age 87

Quality is Found in Quantity

Art, Editorial, Drawing
I once read an article about a ceramics teacher who split her class into two groups. She announced that group A would be graded on the quantity of pots produced, and group B on the quality of a single pot produced. Surprisingly, group A (being graded for quantity) ended up producing pots of the highest quality. This was because they learned from their mistakes as they continuously churned out pots—improving along the way.

In other words, Practice leads to Perfect.