Tymn is a designer & writer passionate about visual storytelling. In his work he aims to connect simple design with clear, thought-provoking ideas.

He was previously the creative director for Black ops—an internal brand team at Dropbox.

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On a stool somewhere, in the 90s
Core Values

Design, Culture, Booklet
I was recently part of a small team tasked with revising Dropbox’s company values.

As we approached nearly 3000 in size we noticed that some of the qualities that made our company successful when smaller, were holding us back as we became more global. We also learned that we hadn’t been clear enough in the past on how our core values looked in practice.

One additional contribution I made when we launched the new values was to design this small booklet printed on vellum—to allow the material to be transparent— that weaved together every behavior associated with each value into one sentence that connected every page.

Everything Comes Together

Design, Culture, Booklet
I partnered with architects Johnston Marklee︎︎ to design an exhibition showcasing of the materials design used in each unique space of Dropbox’s new HQ. Included was also a timelapse video projection of the construction of Tuck Shop (our internal restaurant).

Environmental Design by Anton Schneider︎︎