Top Shelf

Design, Culture, Installation
Sharing books is a great way to spread new ideas throughout your organization as people are more likely to take interest in books recommended by their peers.

Last year while in London I encountered an odd book display located inside of a clothing store. Each book faced forward with hand-written cards displayed below them—book reviews from their previous owners. A store clerk described it to me as their community book swap. She said that anyone could exchange one book for another. I loved this idea. And by including the review cards, it encouraged people to share not just any book, but books they loved. I wondered what effect an installation like this would have at a company.

Later, I repurposed this idea and designed Top Shelf to commemorate the opening of Dropbox’s new HQ. 

Note: I designed tiny stickers as a fun homage to the iconic Penguin Books logo— swapping the penguin with a panda. Pandas having meaningful cultural significance at Dropbox.